Monday, April 30, 2007

Oil Shock - Transit disaster

Sent: Monday, April 30, 2007 11:10 AM
Subject: Oil Shock - Transit disaster

Netizen Hero - Catfish

It did not go unnoticed that as the oil shock is front and center, a fuel truck exploded on a major transit route in the Bay Area. My transit route! So today, public transit is free thanks to Arnold -- and there was no traffic at all. I think that's because it's just the first day; people probably are working from home or enjoying the free public transit.

I had been thinking, it's time to use public transit more. Gas prices coupled with the $4 bridge toll. Yes, the environment, duh... Public transit: it means a longer commute time-wise and more advanced planning for after-work events. There are so many advantages: it's pretty low stress, I can read the paper and it requires me to walk about a mile from the bus station to my office - not a bad way to exercise.

Having grown up in Los Angeles, it takes a bit of a mind shift to not have my car at my beck and call. This oil shock and the strange events on my transit route are making me think of a lifestyle change. It's just around the corner (actually just up the street at the casual carpool and bus stop.)


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