Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Brazil exports and mayhem

Netizen David_Mattock transcribed this BBC report:

Brazils economy continued to sky rocket today as orders for its sugarcane based fuel continue to fly in from across the globe from countries trying to plug their increasing fuel shortages. BNP (Brazil National Petroleum) announced that it would fill all orders on a first come first serve service.  However shortly after the company was rocked by allegations of favouritism as accounts came to light revealing 'donations' from various countries trying to jump ahead in the queue.  The worst offenders being China, the USA and interestingly Saudi Arabia, who's economy has rapidly begun to stagnate having relied on oil exports for so long.

            Brazils finance minister along with the Brazilian justice department announced that it was also reinstating the death penalty for any foreign nationals attempting to export state property, namely Brazils sugar cane refinery technology in which it leads the world.  This was promptly followed by the execution of a Russian and British citizen causing outrage across the globe.  The British government and Kremlin have stayed resolutely silent over the identities of the victims creating massive demonstrations across the respective countries.  Needles to say it was noted that the both countries have ordered the withdrawal of their embassies in brazil creating an ever growing fear of war.  Sightseers in Rio have reported seeing large warships on the horizon but it is unsure as to whom they belong.  The Brazilian government has issued a statement saying that the execution was a 'painful yet necessary measure to ensure the protection of Brazilian interests'.

            Brazil has become a major player only recently in the world economy. Traditionally crippled by debt the ever increasing demands for bio fuels and its technological superiority has meant that Brazil has been able to negotiate ever more lucrative deals with foreign nationalities.  As such the Brazilian real is currently on a 1 to 1 basis with the dollar and its national debt has been slashed from a staggering $86 billion dollars to a more manageable $20billion.  The new wealth is reflected in the rapidly growing interior cities, traditionally poor areas, now full of farmers flushed with new found wealth.

            In other news wildlife groups have expressed increasesed concern with the marked increase in the destruction of the rainforest in south America..

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