Thursday, May 24, 2007

employment and income opportunities in a world without oil

Sent: Thursday, May 24, 2007 8:43 PM
Subject:employment and income opportunities in a world without oil

The 'disposable goods' economy has ended, and so there will be lots of demand for those with skills in repair, alteration and conversion of existing goods.
much springs to mind:

shoe repair, huarache-making, umbrella repair, bicycle repair and conversions, clothing repair and alterations, quilt-making, furniture repair.

dis-assembly of small machines (eg:power mowers) and appliances (eg:clothes dryers) as well as big stuff (especially all those abandoned cars) for scrap metal, small motors, machine parts, lubricant, belts and hoses,batteries and whatever else might be usable.

conversion of useful small machines to treadle and peddle power.

Also, production and installation of things to make people less dependent on oil and the large-system services that are breaking down such as :

windmills and wind turbines, solar systems, rainwater collection and storage systems, composting toilets, chimneys, root cellars, tankless waterheaters, wood and coal stoves with cooking surfaces, residential or neighborhood sized mills for grinding grain, small water-powered mills and turbines for places with year round streams and rivers,- small stuff too, like candles.

there will be increased need for certain skills such as:

veterinarian, cheesemaker, potter, horticulturist,-and beekeeper, I hope

we've seen an increased need for workers in public transport like bus drivers, and a few new jobs like subway pushers.

of course anyone who can also teach the newly needed skills will be immensely valuable to whole communities.

I hope all you other guys out there will post your suggestions, so that our unemployed friends and neighbors can move into new lives, and stay out of the camps.

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YuckyMuck said...

You are so right - and we couold all learn a new trick, just by grabbing something and doing it.

Parents - never yell at your kid for taking apart the lawn mower or clock, OK?