Friday, May 4, 2007

In the meantime...

Sent: Thursday, May 03, 2007 1:19 PM
Subject: In the meantime...

Enough for perspectives and the long view!! As the week 4 news reports, it's clear that the crisis is only building and I need to do something concrete for the immediate future. Before the system crashes completely, I'm going to have to move out of my home in the foothills, which is in an unsustainable community. The crisis is coming on too fast for the community to adjust and local resources cannot supply the local population For at least the short term, I'm one of them lucky ones. I can head to my son's 160-acres in rural southern Kansas where there is potable water, an extra cabin on site, a small pond with fish, the potential for having some livestock, plenty of woods for renewable energy, and some bottomland that could be planted into food crops. The challenge will be to get there (600 miles) before fuel becomes unavailable. My car gets 30 mpg, so I can get 450 miles out of a tank, but I will load up an extra 10 gallons just in case gas stations along the way are saving their diminishing fuel for locals to use. If I procrastinate too long and fuel becomes unattainable, I'm going to be in a fix.

In addition to a good assortment of clothes (mid-continent climate can be both very hot/humid, and very cold) I plan to take along a good supply of books that discuss various aspects of sustainable living and that discuss philosophies behind a sustainable world-view. It probably will be a good idea to take along as much cash as I can get my hands on, although in some bleak scenarios, it might not be worth much. I had thought up to now that I was old enough so things would crash behind me and I wouldn't have to face some of these tough decisions, but I'm fast losing that confidence.

Gandhi perhaps had things right when he stressed that the future of the human enterprise lies in the villages, not the cities. Rural southern Kansas is far enough from big cities so that the city dwellers may not find it before they run out of gas. The thought of hunkering down in the countryside seems rather selfish, but it might be more helpful to the community I leave if I am not there to be among the consumers as supplies begin to shrink. Perhaps I can help the community to which I move by educating and providing perspective on the value of living low off the hog. Anyhow, I'm packing up ASAP.

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