Wednesday, May 9, 2007

WWO report

Sent: Wednesday, May 09, 2007 3:22 PM
Subject: WWO report

Hi, netizen Zorbits here, reporting from Norway.

As the price of fuel continued to climb, we finally got our act together and did our first gathering today. We're a kind of extended friends group counting 26 people, all whom agree that the times ahead will be tough and that we will have to stand together to better our situation.

We've pooled together most of our resources and spent most of the meeting dividing core responsibilities. These consist of:

1. Securing as much food as possible, canned, dry and otherwise keeping. We're aiming at gathering enough for a year for the lot of us.

2. Buying plenty of tools, hardware and general spare parts for machinery such as tubes, bolts and wires.

3. Stocking up on medicine and clothes. Second hand shops may prove a good place to start looking for cheap quality garments.

4. Acquiring a farm, preferably not too far from the sea and from a river. The farm needs a fair amount

5. Books, can't do without em :-)

6. An electrical generator.

So there it is. We've agreed to meet again in four days to assess the situation. Here's to hoping nobody just took the money and ran.

cheers from Oslo, Norway

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