Thursday, May 24, 2007

OliBased City

Sent: Wednesday, May 23, 2007 12:47 PM
Subject: OliBased City

Hello! Here is my something-like-story:

I live in Plock (Poland). Plock is located in central part of Poland. It's a not to big city - but very importand in Poland, for Polish economy and market. It's an OilBased City. It haven't got its own beds of petroleum, but it's got bigest in Poland rafinery. Majority of Plocks population is employed in this petrochemical workshop. A lot of other firms is only working for the biggest oil factory in all country. It is a City like lot other all over the world.

What will happened with those city when supplies of oil will stop?

What will do milions of people employd in OliBussiness?

Best regards



Rainey said...

Wow Danio,

Good questions. Do you know anyone in Plock attempting to answer those? I'd love to hear if you, or anyone there, is making plans for a Plock Without Oil.

Thanks for the report! Keep them coming!


gerben_wulff said...

Hi Danio,

I live near Rotterdam which has the largest refinery in Europe. There is still some oil coming in which means that the refinery is still running, although not at full capacity. That means some people lost their jobs, but most are still employed. It will not be different in Poland. Poland needs gasoline and diesel and Plock will supply this made from Russian oil, imported through the pipelines. Russia (who supplies most of the oil for Poland) needs oil money for its economy.

Poland still has a largely agricultural economy. With diesel getting more expensive, this makes labour cheap relative to using machines. I don't think Poland will suffer much unemployment.

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