Friday, May 4, 2007

Our own food

From: Morie
Sent: Friday, May 04, 2007 4:54 PM
Subject: Our own food

We grow out own food now, and eat it every night together at the dinner table. Fresh, wonderful, healthy and gorgeous!

Lettuce grows outside the back door, beans take over the middle of the yard. No more driving to the store, fighting the traffic, finding a parking space.

Birds have come back, and the bees. The kids run barefoot. The sky is endless blue. I use old dipsticks to mark the plant rows.


Green Hornet said...

Bees have come back? Mine have disappeared this year -- peach tree blossoms dropped off without any peaches forming. And I have lots of flowers to "tempt" the bees.

I envy you your bees and wish I knew how to tempt them back.

Anonymous said...

I like the idea that grow your own food..its a great way to eat healthy and is also enviromental. I was thinking about growing my own food also and I have all dead grass now so I want to grown fruit trees and make my lawn look pretty while growing healthy food so that my family can start eating healthy.

Great Idea!