Friday, May 4, 2007

Oil companies up security

From Yuckymuck:
Sent: Thursday, May 03, 2007 8:31 PM
Subject: Oil companies up security

A reporter going by Clearest who is somewhere in San Francisco (94109) sent me this mail. She's been blogging at She's got balls going out there at all. -YM
My neighborhood, it's all right, I'm still getting my CSA delivery weekly, my corner store still has food, nobody's jacked me for my bike, I live in a mild climate and I've only gotten my gas stolen the once. However, my boss is giving me crap about billing back for my car trips to Richmond, and I've gotten the occasional threat while covering gas station protests. Funny, isn't it, how protesters think that just because you happen to get paid for reporting, you somehow must be in the pocket of Big Oil? If I say "How the hell can people know what you're protesting if you won't talk about it?" one more time my jaw may go numb. Usually someone will take pity on me and open up. Of course, I suppose with the Internet - your site included - a lot of people don't feel like they need to talk to the press. Fair enough, except that there's still more people offline than you'd think. Try telling that to a 25-year-old, though.

I don't feel like I need to be armed yet. My camera guy feels differently. That's why I started bringing C1everpig along for stories; she freelances sometimes and I can count on her not to pack heat that some other jerk could grab and get us all killed.

I suppose I could post about that at some point. I've sort of avoided posting about my own life thus far, because I feel like my experience doesn't count for much, you know? We were already living without using the car much, we were already eating vegetables delivered by veggie oil truck, we already foraged, we have enough resources to spring for the occasional $150 tank of gas. It's so much worse for people out there with less -- I mean, I think I would be terrified if Chevron security showed up at my house to basically tell me to step away from the perimeter. And why? I mean, if we're not getting any import oil, what the hell have they got out there?

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