Thursday, May 24, 2007

Weird Fight - Story by street_dave

Sent: Thursday, May 24, 2007 8:23 PM
Subject: Weird Fight - Story by street_dave

Hi, I'm street_dave

This is my story for today....

Today on the news, some guy got killed, I don't know, you can YouTube if you want to. I'm writing this from Calgary. I'm scared. I'm not sure if you have heard what it's like up here... it's not like everyone in the oil industry here thinks that the shortage is a bad idea. If you were lucky enough to work for some of the more upwardly-mobile oil companies when it started, suddenly you can afford a huge house in like the most expensive housing market in all of Canada. I heard a statistic that Husky Oil is going to be a better investment than Google soon.

But if you don't work in the patch, then things are incredibly hard. Anyone who matters is richer than heck, so anyone who is normal, like my sister (who is a librarian) or my kid brother (who is a field guide for the National Park) suddenly can't afford anything. Rent went up for my brother by over 250%. His savings are gone, I think he's gonna have to live with me on the street next month.

And Calgary is a city based on Cars and cheap gas. The transit system is basically shut down, cause mostly the people who can't afford cars don't have much of a voice. It's not like everywhere else, cause even though Gas is so expensive, it's not like the people who get all the profits can't afford to fill the tank, so no one cares... the Mayor was on TV last Monday, and he said something like "This way, Buses and the C-Train won't impede the flow of traffic."

Anyways, the guy who got killed (sorry for ranting!) was some oil engineer guy who went into this Trucker bar... you can imagine the conversation that went on there. But I'm writing about it because I was outside the bar when it happened and I heard from other folks what they were yelling about... who the huck kills someone over the price of oil? I mean, that's whet they were arguing about. It sounds so weird and cheesy that if it didn't happen for real I wouldn't believe it.

Well, that's about it. Just a thought or two from Calgary