Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Wake up World!

Sent: Tuesday, May 01, 2007 7:15 PM
Subject: Wake up World! - by Oracle

I continue to be astounded by the cluelessness of the people around me. The people I work with continue to talk about the high price of gasoline as if it's only a temporary spike; that it's just a matter of a few months until after the summer 'driving season' that it comes down. They're talking about the trips they're planning, the motorcycle tours they'll take, and what a shame that the gas prices are so high. Wake up! You are never going to see $2 gas again in your life and maybe never $3 gas! And if the supplies recover where the price at those points again, the 'demand destruction' will have been so great that no one will have the money to afford it.

It's funny some of the euphemisms that we've come up with in our recent lives. 'Driving Season', I don't recall learning about this season in school or seeing it on the calendar anywhere! In a couple of years (maybe less) our seasons may transform into 'Planting', 'The Hot', 'Harvest', and 'Hungry'. I started planting a garden the last couple of years after learning about peak oil. I decided that basic skills will be at a premium! As long as we have a water supply in the summer, we'll still be able to garden in Texas. I'll need a much bigger garden to feed my family, and will have to keep the pests and vermin out (2- & 4-legged).

Another interesting euphemism is 'Demand Destruction'. Whoever came up with that one should get a prize! It's a much more cheery term than 'economic collapse', or 'depression', or 'bankrupt economy', or 'mass starvation'. From what I've read, what has held off the peak for the last year or so is that several countries have dropped out of the oil market because they couldn't afford to pay in dollars. It sucks to be them, but hey guys, thanks for letting us drive our cars on cheap gas for another year!

It's interesting to watch the stock markets lately. What planet are these stock people on?!? Don't they realize that the markets are about to take a dive when the reality of peak oil kicks in? When it does, it may be raining stockbrokers and investors from the financial district
skyscrapers around the country.

Don't let the crazies make you crazy!

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