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Well I've just arrived back from the capital, Brasilia. Feeling a little worse for wear but it was a necessary. I was attending a conference on Brazils and other latin American countries role in this emerging new world. Everyday we seem to get reports of chaos from across the gobe, scarier still are those countires we here nothing from. I;ve heard rumours that some African nations have become an information balck hole, nothing coming in or out.

The main issue was the distribution of our alcohol fuel. We've reached the maximum number of orders we can take without pushing up our own fuel prices. The main point was whether to share our technology with our neighbours or not, since they are suffering much more that we are, however needless to say there where great cries of outrage that we should even think of giving up our new jewel. In the end it was decided to give out the barest of details, enough for our neighbouring countries to begin their own development of alcohol based fuel technology. However at this rate we are always going to be 30-40 years ahead of everything else on the market. I'm not sure if this is good or bad, could lead to a lot of resentment against us.

The news coming in from across the globe is just as bad with the reported power cuts and rioting. Our government has already begun withdrawing its ambassadors from the worst affected countries. China being the 1st since its colossal collapse has been far greater than anyone imagined and the last images of tanks rolling through shanghai firing indiscriminantly shocked everyone. That's way there was a large enough outcry over here when this years budget was announced showing a huge increase in the defense budget. Our government seems to be stockpiling weapons from anywhere it can get them before communications with countries get too poor. There have been rumours of even a nuclear device but that has been quashed by the government.

Everything has gotten so tense this week, it's unbelievable! On a slightly lighter yet stranger note our very own Mary Celeste turned up here in Rio! A large cargo ship has appeared off our coast. At first no one thought much of it, but when she didn't respond to any calls a patrol ship was sent out. They found not a soul on board. Nobody. Not even a trace. The papers claim that all the lifeboats are still accounted for. The coast guard have rifled through the ship finding only a few containers of food that had been opened with some of the goods missing. Apart from that there was nothing missing. The only thing of note where the fuel tanks which where completely empty. We are talking thousands of gallons and fuel here and nobody knows where it has gone! There are no hull breaches so the current theory is that they where drained! Are we seeing a new form of fuel piracy? At any rate the Brazilian navy is on the lookout for any suspicious vessels.

The up side is that the cargo is being documented and is then to be sold of at a public auction where anybody can bid for whatever is on board, from toys to cars and everything in between the papers claim. Knowing brazil though the best stuff will disappear. I had wondered how my boss had managed to get a few boxes of Havana's when we haven't received any in brazil in weeks! That's one other thing, certain goods from abroad aren't coming in anymore, not that we need anything, we provide for our own. But everyone is wondering when they'll start to arrive again, if they ever will.

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