Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Update from the Southeast - North Carolina

Sent: Wednesday, May 16, 2007 11:38 AM
Subject: Update from the Southeast - North Carolina

An update from North Carolina, near Research Triangle Park. This is truly unbelievable - I cannot believe we have regressed this far in two weeks. Our gasoline supply to this area was completely shut off eleven days ago, yet amazingly, some have continued to try to
drive. Abandoned cars line the sides of the highway. Many of these are crushed, as the NC National Guard tanks not-so-gently push them out of the way if they have stalled in the road. My office has been closed for a week - my boss said to not come in until
gasoline supplies are resumed. There have been raids at night on homes in the area by armed bands of looters looking for food (there was a run at the grocery stores the day after the shock - none are open currently). We sleep in shifts - I've boarded the windows, and only venture out in daylight hours. We managed to park our vehicles in the garage before news of the car thefts got to us. I nailed some leftover 4x4 boards I had across the inside for further protection. (thieves are stealing any car on the street that looks operable, and siphoning the gas. We siphoned all of our gas, and buried it under our crawlspace during the night, in case of an extreme emergency where we would have to drive.) The one car that didn't fit in the garage was stolen a week and a half ago. Our days are spent waiting in line at the food kitchen at the local Methodist Church - without this we would have run out of food by May 7th. At night we hear the occasional gunshot, but recently they have increased. There's a rumor of an oil tanker with a huge supply of gas that's supposed to be docking in Wilmington, and gas may be restored soon, or at least given to us in rations. I personally think it's just a rumor.

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