Monday, May 21, 2007

Bad news from John Snow

Sent: Sunday, May 20, 2007 11:39 PM
Subject: Fwd: bad news from John Snow

I just got some unhappy news from my friend at John Snow For President. Our district, and most others, feels it can no longer pay for mosquito control. In fact, mosquito control was actually suspended back in July, which explains why I got a few bites this summer. Tomorrow I've got to try to try to find bednets and stock up on mosquito repellant for our household, while one of my roommates tightens and repairs the screens on all our windows. Oh yes, and I've got to find a roll of screen to keep at home for emergency repairs. God knows how I'll get that home on a bike. But I've got to; I'm afraid next spring it will be even harder to get anything. Now Miriam has to find someone who can add mosquito valves to the rainwater collection and storage systems we're building.

(see and google other sites re mosquitos and mosquito borne disease)

Netizens in the Southeast USA please take heed: we're mostly worried here in the Sacramento Delta about West Western Equine Encephalitis, but you have the Asian Tiger Mosquito, which carries dengue and a few other things too. And both the East and the West have mosquitos which can, and have in the past, spread malaria. I was worried enough about the periodic breakdowns of the water purification systems because of power problems and difficulty obtaining purification chemicals. And of course, almost nobody can afford to boil their water. We've been seeing way, way too much infant diarrhea at the clinic.


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