Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Howdy from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

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Subject: Howdy from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Hello everyone, anyone, whoever.

I've got a lot on my mind and little ability to say it, so I'll try to take it one step at a time. How about an introduction first? I'm Mangoh. I'm a 17 year old, grade 11 student living in Calgary, Alberta. I know I'm in a fairly well off family- you see, I'm trying to allude to you the things I'm facing and feeling.

I attend (no cancelation of school for me) a little private school just outside of town. For some kids, especially those who live in North Calgary, a school bus ride is up to 2 hours long. I still go to school- and that's building a lot of resentment from my neighbours. Our school has asked us to wear formal uniform everyday starting today. It doesn't sound like a big deal, but I'm sick of getting disgusted looks from others while I walk to the bus stop and my white bus comes to pick me up. (White because my dumb school is just that elitist.)

We've taken a huge tuition hike to go to this school, most of it on the school bus fees. Another huge chunk is spent on maintenance of the building. The cafeteria has closed and we have to pack our own lunches. Uggh. I have to wake up an entire hour earlier. (Yes, it sucks. Yeah, I know I'm complaining about something stupid. But hey- it's my life. Let me complain. =])

My dad works in Edmonton. (It's another city, a 3 hour drive from Calgary.) And he used to drive down every weekend, starting Saturday night, he'd do some teleradiology over the internet, and then drive back up on Monday. Well, as you may or may not know, the QE2 Highway has been - (indefinitely, I think) - shut down.

It's weird, you hear on the news everyday about these Americans fighting Canadians or rebels, or whatever. Heh. I guess I haven't actually been paying attention to the radio. Maybe I should. Anyway what I meant to say was, as an oil-rich province, the richest province in Canada, some competition over our oil was bound to happen someday. I haven't personally seen it - there's no fighting in the streets or anything. I guess there has been some crime rate increases or something. The Mayors of Edmonton and Calgary - previously pretty unimportant offices to hold - have become somewhat equal in authority to that of a Prime Minister.

I remember, last year when I was on the Speech and Debate team, we once debated a mock resolution, "Be It Resolved That Alberta separate from Canada." I don't know. Maybe that might actually come true or something just as crazy as that?

I also remember, last year - I was on a trip to Scotland- to be part of an International Schools Conference hosted by an organization, "Round Square" (You can look it up if you want to, I guess.) I wonder how those 300+ students are doing now. I've logged into MSN every night, and haven't seen one of my Australian friends online.

I apologize for how random and tangent-y this reads. As I've said- I've got a lot on my mind and little ability to say it.

Hope you find my story somewhat interesting.


Wow, this reads depressingly. Here's a few smilie faces. :) :) :) Enjoy - -

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chuckles said...

Hey Mangoh, glad things aren't too crazy up there for y'all (yet). Please keep us posted, okay? I'm not exactly sure that I trust the media to keep up with what's _really_ going on right now.