Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Light Rail Vehicle 2

Sent: Wednesday, May 30, 2007 6:35 AM
Subject: Light Rail Vehicle 2

From Netizen kevikens: this is also another kind of light rail vehicle that is running on a line in New Jersey. It just opened two years ago and has been a great success drawing thousands of motorists out of their cars. It was built on an existing freight line so it did not require a new right of way to be built.


David Moisan said...

I don't see a third rail or a pantograph. What powers it?

two-star said...

What powers it?

Diesel, most likely. Still, diesel powered commuter rail is better than individual automobiles. And we should be electrifying our freight lines as soon as possible anyway, (one dearly hopes) so the extra cost of electrifying commuter rail on those lines should be pretty cheap when that happens. (Don't call this "Light Rail". That means overhead wire electric powered rail transit. Sometimes distinguished from "streetcars" by having mostly dedicated right of way.)

baltpiker said...


You're right that that's a diesel powered train; it's the River Line, between Camden and Trenton. It is diesel light rail, the only of its kind in the US, although there are other systems like it in Canada and Europe. "Light" refers to the crashworthiness standards it must adhere to; this photo misleadingly shows it next to a freight train, but light rail is prohibited from shring the same tracks as freight at the same time. Commuter rail operates over the national railroad network, and must be built to far higher safety standards, which make the trains heavier, more expensive, and less efficient. The definition of 'light rail' does not encompass the source of motive power.

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